Submittal Review Process

The submittal process affects cost, quality, schedule, and project success. Shop drawings and submittals are a necessary but cumbersome part of the modernization process. During most commercial construction projects, contractors and suppliers provide submittal documents to the elevator consultant in order to document the exact materials and components that will be used in the modernization project. Submittal review is a critical check-and balance during the modernization process to ensure that the end result conforms to the design intent reflected in the project specifications.

While large projects may involve many submittals smaller projects will have proportionately less. The scope of the modernization will determine the quantity of submittals necessary for a successful completion of a well-planned modernization project. Part of the submittal process will also include submission and approval of project schedules to ensure timely completion of the modernization project.

The submittal process gives another level of detail usually not included as part of the original specification documents. An "approved" submittal authorizes a material or an assembly to be released for fabrication and shipment. In essence, this is the final quality control mechanism before a product arrives on-site. This process also ensures that the components that the modernization contractor is planning on providing are in conformance to the specification requirements. We manage the drawing approval and fixture/cab selection phases and finally oversee the construction phase through completion of punch lists, providing a 100% completed project before final payment is approved.

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