The importance of communication in the success of a project is immense. Careful communication planning and setting the right expectations with all the project stakeholders is extremely important. Face to face initial communication within the project team to establish the team dynamics and learning the customer's expectations are the keys to success when starting a project. Through our years of extensive project management, we believe that the success of a project is a matter of effective communication that has been continuously reinforced.

Schedules are one of the most important aspects of a Modernization Project. As the project progresses from initial discussion of objectives through the ordering of material stage a schedule is imperative. Until all of the materials are ordered the schedule must be malleable enough to allow for changes in material lead times. Once all of the materials are ordered and the schedule is agreed to by all parties it is then "Set In Stone". This will allow tenants or residents enough time to make any arrangements that they may need to for any reason, such as accessibility issues or scheduling.

For a successful project, you must plan your work and then work your plan.

A common mistake made by consultants is creating the project plan at the start of the project and then stick it in a drawer and never referring to it or updating it again. To be a meaningful part of the communication program, the project plan must be revised, reviewed, and revisited throughout the project and used as the center around which all subsequent discussions revolve. This is how your work your plan for success.

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