Who performs this maintenance?

In accordance with the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators maintenance is required to be performed by Elevator personnel. To ensure that there was not any confusion as to who would qualify as Elevator personnel, the A17.1 Code defines Elevator personnel as persons who have been trained in the construction, maintenance, repair, inspection, or testing of equipment. The purpose of this requirement is to prevent unqualified persons from performing maintenance that may render the equipment unsafe.

Many states have provisions for licensed personnel. If your state has these requirements, include a provision in the contract that all personnel employed by the maintenance contractor performing all maintenance and adjustments on the equipment must show proof of valid licensing. This policy will provide additional assurance that the personnel has the experience and training required for working on the equipment. Whenever your elevator maintenance contractor changes maintenance personnel, ask for a copy of their license. Experienced and properly licensed elevator personnel are proud to show licenses and qualifications.

Additionally there are many requirements based on Statutes and Administrative Rules in the various jurisdictional authorities that regulate elevators across the country. In the State of Florida these requirements can be found on the Bureau of Elevator Safety website in Chapter 399 Elevator Safety Act and also in Florida Administrative Rule Chapter 61C-5, Florida Elevator Safety Code in great detail.

Florida Statutes require that elevator technicians are to be licensed to work on elevators and associated equipment; this license provides them a certificate of competency. Chapter 399 Elevator Safety Act defines a "Certified Elevator Technician" to mean a natural person authorized by the division to construct, install, maintain, or repair any vertical conveyance, after having been issued an elevator certificate of competency by the division. Each certified elevator technician must annually register with the division and be covered by general liability insurance coverage in the minimum amounts set by the division.

Additionally elevator maintenance may be performed by an "Elevator Helper", but the elevator helper must perform work under the direct supervision of an elevator certificate of competency holder who holds a Florida license.

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