Elevator preventive maintenance programs are designed to maximize equipment reliability and minimize down time. Regular preventive maintenance and mandatory safety tests will result in fewer breakdowns and costly emergency repairs for increased equipment life expectancy and long term savings.

All types of elevator systems require the replacement of some of their components at one time or another. Wear and tear ultimately takes its toll, and, over time the elevator will definitely need to have some parts replaced. Nevertheless, a good elevator preventive maintenance program and smooth operating procedures indeed assist to extend the elevator's life and durability.

Proper maintenance requires professional assistance. The focus should be on preventive, rather than call-back, maintenance. Preventive maintenance consists of scheduled maintenance visits during which elevator technicians can check whether the elevator is running as it should be and identify conditions which can lead to unsatisfactory equipment operation. Call-back maintenance, as its name implies, occurs when the building engineer or facility representative calls the elevator company because an elevator isn't working properly. The technicians focus on investigating and resolving the immediate problem and no real maintenance is performed.

Elevator preventive maintenance involves ensuring that no accidents or breakdowns happen on the elevator. In order to achieve this, regular maintenance and inspection is crucial. The aim of this preventive maintenance service is to analyze the condition of the elevator, predict the risk and probability of accidents and provide remedial maintenance so as to avoid breakdowns. It is essential that the elevator preventive maintenance contractor that you choose has a strong knowledge about all kinds of elevators so that they can provide the best preventive measures. In case the elevator requires replacement of components, the service provider has to be able to recommend the best parts and take on the replacement work.

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program should be designed to provide elevator owners with a means to preserve their investment by protecting their equipment against malfunctions associated with every day wear and tear conditions.

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