Step/Skirt Performance Index Chart

This is a chart that we put together to facilitate understanding the Step/Skirt performance Index requirements for the various editions of the A17.1 Code. Since the A17.1d-2000 edition of the A17.1 code, this has been a periodic test requirement for both existing and new escalators.

Once an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) adopts the A17.1d-2000, or newer edition of the code, all escalators under that jurisdictional authority will be required to be tested unless the AHJ has specifically excluded this section of the code from adoption. Based on the history behind the Step/Skirt Performance Index development, it is highly unlikely that many AHJs will exclude the escalators in that jurisdiction from this test requirement.

While we view this as a tool to assist the user, it is not intended to replace any of the specific code requirements. This chart has been assembled as a quick reference tool and is not intended to replace the specific edition of the A17.1 code that is being enforced in any jurisdiction. While we have put this together to the best of our ability, it does not supersede the necessity to determine the specific code requirement based on the edition of the code that is adopted in a specific jurisdiction.

We invite all Elevator Inspectors, Elevator Consultants, Elevator Enforcement Authorities and anyone else that have a need to participate in Step/Skirt Performance Index testing, as required by the A17.1d-2000 and later editions of the SAFETY CODE FOR ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS, to please feel free to print and use this reference chart in the performance of their work. Hopefully it will prove as useful to you as it has for us.

View and/or Print the Escalator Step/Skirt Performance Index Chart

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