What Is Typically NOT Covered Under Maintenance Agreements?

All service contracts include a list of exclusions that will not be covered under the maintenance contract. Unfortunately, these exclusions can happen regularly and may increase your overall maintenance cost by as much as fifteen percent. Here are some common examples of items that can result in extra charges:

  • Overtime callbacks / trouble calls
  • Doors knocked off tracks by movers.
  • Keys dropped in the pit (you may be surprised at how often this happens)
  • Car left "keyed off" or left on "independent" by building personnel, movers or security guards.
  • Debris in car or hall door sill tracks.
  • Foreign objects caught or wedged under car or hall doors such as carpet tacks, small rocks and coins.
  • Stuck buttons and broken safety edges.
  • Flooded machine room, top of car, or pit
  • Vandalism: doors kicked off tracks, fire in elevator cab set by vandals and burned car buttons.
  • Calls placed for service resulting from building power even though no emergency power feature exists to run the elevator equipment.
  • Calls placed for service resulting from building fire alarm systems being activated and initiating Firemans' Service Recall for the elevator.
  • Elevator telephones and phone monitoring.


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