How do I determine the qualification of the consultant?

Knowledge and experience are the key factors to gauge the qualification of consultants. Elevator consultants most frequently gain skills through experience in a variety of conveyance-related work. A qualified Elevator Consultant should have specific experience in elevator construction and modernization, familiarity with codes and standards, in addition to local building codes, laws and regulations. Some elevator consultants may also perform certified inspections, after qualifying and obtaining QEI-1 credentials.

VTE Solution's consultants are thoroughly knowledgeable in all forms of vertical transport equipment including; elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, automated conveyors, material lifts, etc. We are up-to-date on all current code requirements and are uniquely aware of pending code changes.

The building owners or managers need to verify all credentials, associations, and references when considering a consultant. Our consultants are experienced, licensed and certified through NAESA International. We meet the stringent requirements of the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International (NAESAI) and have completed all certification requirements in compliance with the ASME QEI-1 Standard for certification. We routinely attend continuing education sessions and participate in many industry related workshops and training sessions to further enhance our knowledge.

Although some elevator consultants may be certified as QEI Inspectors, verifying qualifications of a consultant can be difficult. One organization that clarifies this issue is the International Association of Elevator Consultants (IAEC) which sets standards for experience and certification of independence. Members of VTE Solution have met the standards of IAEC and are members of that organization.

Knowledge of associated codes, applicable standards and statutes is a key factor in determining the qualification of consultants. VTE Solution Consultants not only have elevator experience, but are well versed on associated codes, applicable standards and statutes that apply to elevator installation, modernization and maintenance.

One of VTE Solution's partners is a nationally recognized instructor and who teaches the certification classes that inspectors attend to achieve their QEI elevator inspector certification. Additionally he provides instruction for continuing education requirements on codes throughout the State of Florida, across the United States and he has taught classes overseas for the Department of the Navy.

In order to insure that we are up to date on code requirements and pending code changes, we routinely participate in code meetings for various American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) code committees and hold membership on committee. Being active on committees provides in depth knowledge and understanding of the reason behind code changes and allows us to provide input on these changes.

In addition to participation in the ASME code committee process, we hold membership in other industry related organizations such as the NAESA International (National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities International), IAEC (International Association Elevator Consultants), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers), NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), Florida Elevator Inspectors Association, Elevator Association of Florida and have held been honored to be elected to many positions on the board of directors and executive committee of these organizations.

VTE Solution is licensed and registered with the State of Florida - Department of Business and Professional Regulation - Bureau of Elevator Safety, as required by law.

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