Maintenance Review

Maintenance reviews are called many different names such as Maintenance Audits, Performance Reviews, Equipment Evaluations, etc. In fact no matter what the name you call the service, it is really a review of the maintenance practices of the elevator maintenance provider or in many cases, documenting the lack of proper maintenance performance.

During a detailed maintenance review the consultant should first determine the original installation date, the requirements of the code edition in effect at the time of the installation of the original equipment and determine any alterations that have been performed to the equipment after the original time of the installation. Once this is established, the consultant can properly determine code compliance and quality of performance for the proper operation of an elevator.

The next phase of the maintenance review will focus on the equipment by evaluating the current level of installation and operational characteristics of all of the components to include machine room, hoistway and car equipment. This phase should be sufficiently detailed to allow the owner of the elevator equipment to understand the findings of the review. The maintenance review should contain the current condition of the equipment, average life expectancies and estimated remaining useful life of the individual components, and compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Additionally, the maintenance review should evaluate the level of maintenance being performed, and evaluate the current performance levels compared to original specifications or recommended standards and system capabilities. Documentation of deficiencies on code compliance and safety should be a part of any maintenance review along with recommendations on adjustments necessary to improve performance, and documenting conditions required for repair, replacement, upgrade and/or modernization.

From the elevator review, VTE Solution and the building owner can determine the degree of the repair, replacement, upgrade and/or modernization of the equipment required for code compliance and for the safe and proper operation of the building's elevators and associated vertical transportation equipment.

No single maintenance review report fits all installations. The maintenance review that we prepare can be customized to provide any specific requirements. Our purpose is to provide the right solution for your needs to facilitate the safe and reliable operation of your elevator systems.

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