Maintenance Contract Specifications

Maintaining your equipment is the critical component to providing the life-cycle of your elevator. This is where the value of retaining a professional elevator consultant can prove to be invaluable for an elevator owner. In addition to the Maintenance Review services that we provide, we can provide an in-depth performance based maintenance contract specification for your vertical transport equipment including; elevators, escalators, moving walks, dumbwaiters, automated conveyors, material lifts, etc.

Many of our clients find this is the best approach to insure the expected life-cycle of their vertical transportation equipment. By providing the maintenance specification to have the elevator contractors submit competitive pricing places the elevator owner in a stronger position to set the requirements for their vertical transportation equipment instead of having the maintenance contractor make decisions as to frequency and type of services they will provide.

Most elevator maintenance contractors use terms such as systematic, periodic, routine or as needed, but these terms are never defined any further for the elevator owner. If the equipment needs monthly maintenance, the elevator maintenance contract should stipulate a minimum of monthly maintenance and there should be language that makes the elevator contractor accountable to comply with the terms of the maintenance contract specification. Unfortunately the trend in the elevator industry is that elevator maintenance contractors are starting to push the envelope of frequency and transitioning to quarterly or even semi-annual maintenance.

While this type of frequency may be acceptable for an elevator that is only used a couple of times a day, it is not truly sufficient for commercial application elevators that are used for 8 to 16 hours per day.

Due to newer technology and improved equipment, some components of the elevator system may not need as frequent maintenance as were needed in the past, but the door equipment is a critical component that definitely requires routine maintenance. Door equipment regularly needs adjustments and cleaning of electrical contacts for proper and safe operation. The adjustments and maintenance required for proper and safe operation of door equipment may not be suitable for quarterly or semi-annual maintenance. Without monthly maintenance, the door equipment may be subject to additional breakdowns and/or unsafe door operation.

Our approach to development of a maintenance specification starts with one of our consultants coming to your property to assess the level of maintenance being performed, provide you with a detailed analysis and make recommendations based upon the findings.

If you are thinking about signing a maintenance contract offered by an elevator maintenance contractor we can act as your representative to review the terms and conditions of the proposed contract to ensure your new contract meets industry standards, is in line with current market pricing, and provides for a level of maintenance that will allow your equipment to meet the average life expectancy that you should expect from your equipment.

Our professional consultants are experienced in the language of the elevator industry and we can explain the terms of your contract in language that any layman can understand.

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